Monday, October 27, 2014

Check out the new pattern I made

Made a new pattern this morning and just wanted the world to see. Check it out!

And if you buy it from my ravelry store there is a code to get the bike spoke for free

Code: HalloAM3W34RR

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Saturday, February 22, 2014

SHOES!!!!! Silhouette file of high heels


Butterflies ready for your silhouette


Camera Files up and ready for your Silhouette

Baby set is up and it is a big one!


Key set for Silhouette

St Patty's Day file ready


Here is a foot border I just made it is only a dollar and an instant download.

The Soucy Empire (At least in my head): Scrapbooking and digital goodies.

The Soucy Empire (At least in my head): Scrapbooking and digital goodies.: Here is a foot border I just made it is only a dollar and an instant download. CLICK HERE TO BUY THIS BORDER

Back to one of my favorite crafts making graphics to use in scrapbooking.

This all started last week when I wanted to make my own business cards. So I hopped on youtube and just did some research then I saw the stuff you can do with scrapbooking and card making and a lovely machine called the Silhouette. So I downloaded their software so i could get a feel for it before the machine showed up. Then I thought... Why am I looking for things that are already made. I have been doing some form of graphics work for almost 10 years now. Just as a hobby. So last night I made my first silhouette file. ANd it is for sale for 2 dollars it is an instant download so you get it right then and there. There will be many more to come. This is one of my all time favorite things to do next to crochet. So if ya like it an want it click the link under the picture and the file is all yours. if you want a custom color I will be setting that up as well.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Must get these birds finished

Well I have been busy working on my biggest order I have ever had. But it has come to my attention that it is after the deadline for the gman squares. It is really time to turn up the heat and get the birds to their new home and get that blanket going.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Set number 3 of earrings are up for sale. Get em while their hot!

Here is my latest creation hot of the hook! They measure 2 inches around. If you are interested in these check out the link below to my etsy shop. They shop with the next days mail.

Hot off the plyers and ready for a new home.

Today I made some jewlery. I figured change things up a bit.

The first set I made is a bracelete and earrings set.

The link to buy this set is below

And these are lovley chain earrings with blue beads.

The link to buy these are below.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Holy Cow It is almost Feb.

Well I just took a look at my calander and then a look at my squares a day for the year. i think i have about 3 weeks to catch up on. So after i get some sleep I will be getting some squares made and posted.

I have a new critter!

So it is Gman's Lung transplant anni coming up and My Aunt had asked me to make Gman a groundhog.

This was what I had so while I am sewing him together all I keep thinking is NA NA NA NA NA NA NA
(Caddy Shack) So I get this idea to make this.

Yes that is a camo headband and a tiny crochet stick of TNT

Don't you just love him? I could not stop laughing. I think by far this is the coolest thing I have ever crochet in my life!

But being that this specific one is spoken for I am making more to sell. With or without the Caddy Shack get up..

Here is the link to my etsy shop he is 10 dollars and I ship flat rate of 5.95 threw the USPS.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Burning that midnight oil...

This is just random chatter for now. The walls do not seem to want to talk tonight so, I figured walk you you fine people.

I do not think I will be seeing any sleep tonight due to a nap that ran too ong today. So I shall burn the midnight oil and try to get this beautiful baby blanket done. So tomorrow I can start on my first big order. Hope all is well with you out there is cyber land.

Part one of the baby set I will be selling

Here is started a baby blanket set for a little girl. 

It will have a hat, booties and this blanket, that I started not too long ago.

So what's on your hook?

Today ws MLK day here so the kids were home and I had a second Sunday. ANd boy did I need it. I am beat this week for some strange reason. So today i am doing something easy just a grahgan.. Now I know there are a ton of people saying a graphgan how in the hotcakes is that easy. Well i am doing it tunisian blocks and joining as I go. Nothing really hard. And when you do the tunisian stitch for the graphgans you only need to read the graph from right to left not back and forth. Makes my life a bunch easier. So lets see what you are working on! 

Here is what I am doing and the graph I made for this very large blanket!

Custome order ladybug pillow pals

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Selling grippers right now come check them out!

This is what I am selling right now. They are custome orders so you pick the color you want and I make it right here right now.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

So I took time off from making patterns So I can get Squares for Gman going.

I am just amazed with the outreach i have gotten from wonderful others that want to help with making squares, for the blanket. It truely is a blessing. now I am up to 15 helpers. and it is sooo great that I have had people willing to help.So now I need to start getting my designs readyfor the blanket.

I just want to thank everyone for helping out with the squares. It means so much!

Monday, January 6, 2014

i am starting the G-MAN SQUARES TODAY

Need to take a time out to help my family. As in the last post I wanted to start a fundraiser for my cousin Garran. Well today I got to work getting helpers with the squares. And only after a couple hours I am already up to 10! HOW SWEET IS THAT? So just incase you have not heared me run my mouth the past 24 hours. I am making a granny square blanket with squares from myself and very kind others that want to help and donate some time and squares. I know there are people out there that would love to help but are not a happy hooker or are just learning. So below is my fundraising site to help raise money to make the square. And whatever is not used for the fundraiser. IE yarn and shipping goes to garran's family. So grab a hook and yarn or grab your credit card and help out a cause that is very dear to me. Helping an amazing young man live a full and happy life!


Sunday, January 5, 2014

Help G-man out!

Ok here is the skinny of this. I have an amazing cousin, His name is Garran. He has CF. We we just found out that he needs to have his second lung transplant. And that aint cheep. And being as broke as I am sending money is not really going to do anything. But I do have a talent with yarn and I was thinking hey Lets do something. So I figured get the hooks ready. I want to see if I can get enough people together to crochet a square i will put it together and then we can ebay the blanket and all the money made can go to Garran and his family. So who is with me lets help G-Man out!

Below is the link to donate to him as well.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

What to do with the finished product of all these lovely square?

So as i am sitting at my craft/ work table it hit me what am I going to do with this very large blanket i will be making at the end of the year with alol these squares I am making. And so I thought I would ask you. YES YOU! What do you think I should do. I was thinking of doing a raffle for it and Pick the winner On the first or second of January of next year. My husband thinks i should sell it. Or i could always donate it to a charity in CNY. So i ask you what do you think is a good idea for this big ol blanket we will have at the end of the year?

Just a small shake up.

After having a chat with my business advisors, I got scoled for posting my patterns for free. So to keep the peace I will be charging a small fee for each pattern. 2 US dollars at the most. I am doing this to keep the peace here.But do not fret I will be doing a weekly raffle (yes each week) for all the patterns of that week.

This is how it will work. I will set up an email link for you to send me to enter the raffle. I will then email you back with your raffle number and put your number in the pot. The raffle Starts on monday and ends on Saturday. entries will not be taken after 11:59pm ET Saturday night. Then on Sunday I will pick the winner and email you back if you are the winner. And if I have your premission I will post who the winner is. If you do not want it posted I will respect that 100%. The post will just say the winner of the week was Jane D. from what state you live in. Being that right now I seem to only have US readers. If you do not want your name posted i will just say the winner has been picked and wants to remain annonomous. This is totally up to you.


1. Only one entry per person per week.
2. Each week the pot is emptied and we have a fresh start.
3. No entries after 11:59pm ET Saturdays
4. Entries start 12am ET Monday.
5. You have 24 hours to claim your prize or it goes to someone else.
6. I wil have the drawings at 3pm Sunday you have till 3pm monday to get Back to me.

This is just an FYI part.

I will not post your email information or any personal information on here. That is your business not the world's to know.

I will email you all the patterns in a zip file.this is yours crochet your heart out.

I will not be putting the featured work from others in the weeks patterns they are not mine and you can find the patterns with the link I will provide.

You are more then welcome to share your pictures if you want to show off your work. I will set up a flicker account for this blog.

I think I got all of it. Any questions please feel free to comment below, email me tweet me. And you can find my on facebook too @ Soucy Creations.

Ok Now that we got that out of the way. When to start the fun. being that the patterns i have posted already are free I am not going to change them they are free. No sorry not going to happen. And I do not care who that makes mad in my home. So starting Monday all the patterns I write will go in the list for this weeks raffle. Most of the time I have the finished work of the next day's pattern already made so I will post a picture. You can buy it on my ravely store or you can enter the raffle. That will be on sunday (not tomorrow the sunday after)

Day 4 granny square is a feature of blogger signwithanowl

Ok here is day 4. I am doing a feaure on a fellow crochet lover and blogger Kate. She made the "Squaring the Big Circle' pattern I will be posting my youtube tutorial on her pattern later today 

here is the picture of her pattern that I will be making. (I did not take this photo. This is all Kate's beautiful work. I am just mearly trying to recreate her beautiful work.)

Here is the link to her tutorial on her blog check her out.

And here is part one of the video tutorial on how to crochet this beauty!

And now for part 2 that will take you all the way to a finished square!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Day 3 in the Year of the granny square.

Today i will post a pattern well now it will be tomorrow. (I took the day off real life called me.) i call it a stary night. The star is not my pattern so i will not put the pattern in this work but i will have the link where I found the pattern so you can make it too. but everything else I did., and let me tell you the star was the easiest part. So below you will see a picture of the square and I will get the pattern written asap!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Day 2 of the year of granny squares is fresh off the press

Ok lets hope this works. Here is the pattern for today's square

Just thought I would put this out there

I have been just doing my daily inpiration search for what to make today and I noticed that a lot of the patterns said for personal use only. Now after doing A LOT of copyright research I took away that people cannot tell you what to do with the finished product. But to be safe I stay away from those patterns because well sooner or later I want to sell my work.

But i wanted to pu out there that the free patterns that I make up are free of charge and you can share. All I ask if that you do not claim the pattern as your. I mean I did take the time to type it up and make it all pretty. But if you want to use one of my patterns to make something to sell, all the power to ya! And the best of luck with your business.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I just had to share!

here is a sneak peak at tomorrow's square. It is so pretty I just had to share what I came up with. Again this pattern I made from my little brain.

First written pattern!!!

Here is my pattern for my winter blues square enjoy

And here is the raverly link to download it.

Well this year started out kinda...

I am just sitting at my craft table working on today's square and what does my camera do die! Why? I forgot to take the batteries out and charge them. So now I need to let them charge for what seems to me like forever. I did get the finished square pic on the computer before it died so I can at least make a written tutorial for it just without my lovely slide show tutorials. It will be just a normal PDF With only one picture.

But here is a picture of the first square of the year.

I call this square the winter blues. It is at much as the typical square as my crazy mind would allow.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Being that the new year is less then 6 hours away...

Being that the new year is less then 6 hours away and I love to do big projects. I will make a year long project that I will share with you all. The end reslt will be a blanket So at this time next year will will have a finished very large Blanket. the first tutorial will go up tomorrow. And every day after that. If you want to crochet along with me I would love to see your progress and your finished work. 

Happy hooking


I just want to take this time to wish everyone out in the giant world of the interweb and safe, healyth and happy New Year. I hope all your dreams come true this year.


Time to start the real work!

Now that I have some traffic coming in, it is now time to start the real work. That means I need to plan out things and have a schedule. If I really want this to work I need to do it the right way.

The new year is now less then 12 hours away. And I want to make sure I start the new year with big dreams and just as much of a fight in me to make those dreams come true.

So as I make my post for the day I want to wish everyone a safe healthy happy and successful new year!!!!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Don't ya just hate it when...

Don't ya just hate it when you are deep into a crochet project and next thing you know you have crochetted your hair into the work?

I say this because I was blessed as my mother says and cursed as I think with very thick curly hair that just goes all over the place and when I am up close to my work I will hook a hair or too and I end up with unwanted stitch markers. 


Sweet I just thought of the coolest idea.

So one of my friends on facebook just shared a cool craft and I thought wow that is such a good idea to make, I think i will do it. Then it hit me I dont have any mason jars. Oh wait till you guys see ts one. I cant wait till it is done!

Next tutorial will be.....

So i have finally figured out what I am going to do for my first projrct tutorial. Ok i didn't my daughter did. i asked her what do you think would be a good idea for a new project and she said I really like the scarf you made me for Christmas. So my idea of an infinity scarf it is!. Videos will be up soon I hope. (:/)

Finally the last video is up and running

And here is the last video to basic training. I hope you enjoy and dont forget to share share share. Let the art of yarn live on!